same day sensor clean

same day sensor clean

Sensor Clean

Are you getting spots on your images? This generally means you have dirt or dust on the CCD inside your camera body. We provide a fast sensor cleaning service.

A 1 hour minimum time is required and most sensor cleans will be completed the same day

Memory Card Recovery and Video to DVD Transfers

Have you accidently deleted or otherwise lost data?

All types of memory cards and HDD/SSD drives  can be recovered.  We have the equipment to recover it.

We convert Video to DVD, Film to DVD, VHS to DVD, VCR to DVD, Tape to CD, and Record to CD

Our conversion services can take your  VHS, films, audio cassettes and records – and transform them to digital CD/DVD media. Save deteriorating cassettes by converting your old analogue media to digital and save your precious memories.

Disclaimer: Same day service is only valid if you call our hotline on (03) 9602 1820 and we have agreed to do so.  Same day service also depends on the shop work load and availability of parts.

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